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The Milking Table Experience

“Take a hot shower and prepare your body,” is the first directive you will hear when you arrive for your appointment. Yes, I will be watching you. My eyes feasting on every inch of you. I begin with a gentle domination, by demanding that you wash every inch of your body… very slowly…you submit to my desire. You will see a hint of a smile on my face. Is it approval for what I see? Perhaps it is, and if you look a little closer, you will see a much darker glint in my eye. Oh yes, I am already devising ways to torment you. A calculated amount of pain and pleasure is at hand.

You are instructed to dry off and stand in front of the entrance to my play space. I walk around you, taking inventory of every aspect. As I stop in front of you, I command you to your knees and you are rewarded with a sensual kiss. I hold your collar in front of you. You look into my light green eyes and I ask if you will accept this collar. Then, I lean close to your ear and whisper, “If you say ‘yes’, you agree to surrender to me and you become my plaything.”

The collar goes on as you are led by your leash into my play space. Leather cuffs are placed on your hands and feet, I then lead you to the end of the milking table. “Crawl on your hands and knees onto my table,” I command.  Once in place, you are blindfolded, and headphones are applied. You can no longer see or hear. You are led to lay face down on the table as your cock drops into a space where gravity and sensation join to create intense pleasure.

Completely exposed, you are massaged, teased, and tortured to a crescendo of delight. You have completely surrendered. You have no control, and you are in ecstasy. I then crawl under the table and play with your manhood in a variety of ways until you erupt from deep within.  A sudden and powerful release of raw and primordial masculine energy.  Much to my delight, you are spent. You have pleased your Mistress. 

You are then wrapped in a warm blanket and allowed time to bask in the pleasure that comes with surrender to your Mistress. Gently, you are brought back from bliss to reality. Re-energized and ready to take on the world, you leave being grateful that you took this time for yourself.


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