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  • Why do I have to be screened?
    The screening process is an important step in ensuring the safety and privacy of both the provider and the client. The entire process is discreet and confidential, and it enables me to tailor my services to better meet your desires by creating a safe space for you to unleash your fantasies and have a fulfilling experience.
  • Why do I have to submit a photo of my ID and a selfie holding the ID?
    I take the security and privacy of my clients very seriously. By requesting a photo of your ID and a selfie holding the ID, I am able to verify your identity to ensure that you are who you claim to be. This provides a level of safety as you will be entering a private space where you can be open and relaxed in order to have the best experience possible. It is important to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment for all my clients. Rest assured, the information you provide is handled with the utmost confidentiality and is only used for verification purposes.
  • How long does the screening process take?
    Typically, the screening process can be accomplished the same day.
  • Why is same day booking so rarely offered?
    When you book a session with me, you can expect a carefully curated and tailored experience that is designed to meet your unique needs and preferences. Therefore, set-up time is required.
  • Why is a deposit required when booking with Mitzie Kay?
    A deposit is required when booking to secure your scheduled time. This deposit helps to ensure that both parties value and respect each other's time. I allocate specific resources to thoroughly prepare for your session, ensuring that you receive the highest level of personalized service and expertise. Rest assured that the deposit will be applied towards the total cost of our session.

About Mistress Mitzie's style....

                I am a seasoned expert in the art of mastering the body.  My extensive training in the erotic arts has equipped me with a deep understanding of the intricate connections between body, mind, and spirit. I possess a profound ability to guide individuals in unlocking their full erotic potential. I create personalized experiences that awaken sensual awareness, heighten pleasure, and explore all aspects of sexual expression. Through my work, I empower individuals to transcend their limitations and discover their true potential for sexual fulfillment and self-expression.


  • Masters degree in Education

  • Certified Tantra Educator

  • Erotic Blueprint® trained

  • Certified Bondassage® Practitioner

  • Reiki certified

   Height: 6'1"  
   Build:    Athletic
   Hair:     Brunette 

Eyes:          Green
Shoe Size:  11
Age:           55

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