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Ms Mitzi Kay

Mistress Mitzie Kay

Your Tall Mature Mistress
... a statuesque testament to power.

Delight in the exploration of all of your senses through light bondage, sensory deprivation, esoteric bodywork, and sensation play. This session is the most deliciously exquisite sensual domination experience you've ever had.

1.5 hours ~ 600

The milking table gives all of the sensation and pleasure that you receive with a Bondassage® session, with the addition of allowing gravity to enhance your sensual experience. You will be left spent and satisfied.

1.5 hours ~ 600

All of the pleasure and sensation of a bondassage session PLUS a delectable and shall I say "kinky" experience of your choice. Expand your pleasure... 

2 hours ~ 1000

Customized Kink Scenario

 2 hours ~ 1200


Mature tall dominatrix Colorado Springs

Your Tall Mature Mistress

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Your Tall Mature Mistress

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